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- Dec. 6 , 2010 -

Logistics News: Supply Chain Digest to Hold On-Line Townhall Meeting to Discuss UPS and Fedex Rate

Featuring Jerry Hempstead, long-time parcel industry executive and now president of Hempstead Consulting; Not to be missed for parcel shippers!


SCDigest Editorial Staff

SCDigest Says:
Participants will be able to download a free tool by which they can do an analysis on their book of shipments to understand how the new rates will affect them.

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Supply Chain Digest is pleased to announce the scheduling of a new and innovative On-Line Townhall meeting to discuss the impact of the significant parcel shipping rates hikes for 2011 by both UPS and Fedex.

The Townhall is titlled Understanding and Navigating the UPS and Fedex 2011 Rate Hikes and features Jerry Hempstead, fomer parcel shipping industry executive, current presdient of Hempstead Consulting, and one of the parcel industry's foremost experts. During the event, Hempstead will share detailed insights and advice for shippers while taking audience questions through the broadcast.

This Townhall meeting will be held Dec. 15, 2010, at 1:30 pm ET and streamed through each attendee's PC. Chat-like capabilities will enable attendees to ask questions throughout the event and have them answered by Hempstead.

To learn more or register for the event,go to: Parcel Shipping Rates 2011 On-Line Townhall Meeting.

Even if you are unable on Dec. 15, by registering you will receive a link to an on-demand version of the broadcast shortly after its completion.

During the event, we will discuss such topics as:

  • What are the key changes to UPS And FedEx rate programs for 2011?
  • What is the potential impact on costs beyond the published rate changes?
  • What can parcel shippers do to minimize the impact on their shipping costs?

Says Hempstead: "There is far more to understanding the impact to on shipping costs than the general percentage increase announced. Participants will be able to download a free tool by which they can do an analysis on their book of shipments to understand how the new rates will affect them."

Hempstead has been looking at these 2011 changes by both of the leading parcel carriers closely.

As he recently told SCDigest: "Most shippers again will fail to appreciate how big an impact this change can have, noting that this changes in dimensional weight formulas will likely mean many shippers that have not been subject to the DIM weighting or only marginally so in the past could now see a higher percentage of their parcel shipments are now impacted.


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"A shipper that may have had few packages DIM under the new 194 rule may wake up in January to find all their packages dim," Hempstead says.

"If you have not calculated the effect of the GRI announcements (base rates, accessorial increases, DIM rule changes, etc.) on your business you could be facing some embarrassing questions from your employer in February when the January numbers are run and the expense for parcel shipping is way over budget," Hempstead says.

The Townhall meeting is perhaps the first on its kind in the supply chain and logistics industry and promises to be of exceptional value for parcel shipper.

Again, to register go to: Parcel Shipping Rates 2011 On-Line Townhall Meeting.


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